Case study 3B: People with substance use problems

Coordinating researcher Lillian Bruland Selseng (HVL) and co-researcher Brit-Marie Follevåg (HVL).

The aim of this case study is to develop knowledge about the challenges and conditions for participation in health and welfare services for people with substance use problems. Specific research questions focus on what are the drivers and barriers of participation and how can participation be improved?

The study will be organized as a research circle consisting of two welfare workers from NAV, two social workers representing municipal treatment and support services, four people who have experienced substance use problems and two researchers. The research circle will last from August 2019 to December 2020.

In phase I of the study, the research questions will be explored and discussed through a series of meetings in the research circle. The discussions will examine both individual, relational and structural issues. The research questions will also be explored based on a literature review.

The second phase is innovative, and action orientated. Based on the work in the first phase, the participants will develop and test novel models aiming to increase participation for people having substance use problems. We will also develop education programs aiming to better meet knowledge needs related to participation for groups of service users that experience special barriers to participation.

The third phase will consist of evaluation of the actual models and an analysis of drivers and barriers based on the literature review and the experiences evolved.